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At Stack we understand that you depend on your data to keep your business running. Managing and protecting your data takes trust, and we take that seriously. We offer a number of solutions to fit each specific organization’s needs and are constantly searching and evaluating potential service providers. Below are some of our most popular solutions that we use for our clients with great success.

Microsoft Office 365 Online
Looking for an all-in-one solution to email, document creation, collaboration and cloud storage? Microsoft Office 365 offers all these features and more! Stack installs, configures, and maintains Microsoft Office 365 online subscriptions allowing you to create, edit, and share documents on any platform (PC/Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile) without having to worry about juggling multiple programs and formats.

Microsoft Azure
Stack is able to host websites and business critical applications through the industry’s best cloud-based hosting system, Microsoft Azure. Whether it’s database hosting, mobile applications, data storage, cloud computing or many other options, we can configure, manage and integrate your current systems to cloud.

Google Apps for Work
For additional options of storage and professional-grade email systems, Stack utilizes Google Apps for Work. This system allows users to communicate, create, share and collaborate from any device with ease.

Stack also employs CrashPlan, a cloud-based backup, to cover the implemented localized systems to the cloud. Ever have a file unexplainably go missing, or someone make changes to the wrong document? That will no longer be an issue with CrashPlan’s version history and recovery features.

Datto Backupify
Stack takes every possible measure to make sure your irreplaceable data is protected, no matter what happens. To ensure our storage solutions are covered, Stack employs a cloud for a cloud — Datto Backupify — to back up the cloud-based storage provided by Google Apps for Work and other providers.

For more information about the custom storage solutions we can provide for your organization, click here to contact a Stack Solutions staff member.

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