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The Stack Solutions Web Content Management System(CMS) is not only an easy-to-use website solution, but it builds dynamic and informative websites that can be efficiently integrated into your existing software systems. We build more than just a website; Stack delivers business value by bringing together with your third-party applications for convenience and increased productivity. 

Managing your website content with the Stack CMS is as easy as writing a document in Microsoft Word. You will love the intuitive interface as well as advanced features, such as electronic commerce, online surveys, calendars, newsletters, online catalogs and customized functions.

The Stack CMS’ easy-to-use, browser-based interface allows users to easily type text and insert images, links, audio and video into web pages. Non-technical staff can easily create, edit and publish content without knowledge of computer code. Websites can be changed daily, reflecting the pace of the organization. Built-in tools, including a spellchecker, keep content correct, consistent and on-brand.

In addition to offering a feature-filled website, the Stack CMS can reduce costs and improve ROI by integrating with back-end systems and remote services to offer advanced web applications for staff and customers. Existing software systems can be taken to the next level of productivity by providing a single collaborative environment.

Ready to see the Stack CMS in action? Click here to browse the features and administration — see for yourself how instinctive and uncomplicated it is to use. 

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